In week two of the One Room Challenge were showing you how to install plywood flooring Hello friends and welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge! We are so excited to share with you

Well Im finally getting around to showing you our new flooring in the sunroom We had water damage this spring to our sunroom carpet and a portion of the subfloor due to a leaky door so i

other Plywood sheets are 48 which is 32 square feet We needed to install about 800 square feet of flooring up in the studio space

What a unique look with this diy burned plywood flooring Replacing old flooring in your home can be very expensive depending on what materials you decide

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DIY Plywood Flooring Floor DIY Plywood Flooring Floor design ideas and photosdesign diy floor flooring ideas photos plywood

For our newly renovated attic wed wanted solid wood flooring but that idea it turned out wasnt practical The attic floor is out of levelso much so that its actually wavy Back to the drawing board we went Laminates were out of the running because we feared ending up with the spongy feel common to

Weve uhmmed and ahhed about what to do with the loft bedroom flooring for ages now As im going all out Scandinavian for the bedroom design a blonde wood floor seemed the obvious choice But then to save some money and get this room finished in time for Christmas we played around with the idea of simply painting the chipboard subfloor black to which the builder just sighed and shook his head After going around in circles for several weeks mentally noting the pros and cons of both options we finally decided on floor boards Done Having an actual floor laid meant I finally got to work with my fave joiners again Bare Joinery Which is always a pleasure as theyre always up for a challenge and happy ish to experiment with materials the design the process and most importantly they dont sigh and shake their heads at my less than conventional ideas Not within view anyway Our plan to lay floorboards sounds pretty standard apart from the fact I didnt want them to be actual floorboards as

The walls upstairs have been painted a light green Sherwin Williams Opaline And now Chad and Scott are putting down 4X4 sheets of pine plywood This is going to be our floor for the time b

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Fall 2019 Week 4 DIY Geometric Plywood Floors a la Vintage Revivals Roost Ramble

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